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Last Update: 2011.06.07

Application of graduate course is now open. If you have any inquiry, please send a e-mial to Prof. Shirao.

The collaboration study with Dr. Ikeda gInhibitory role of inducible cAMP early repressor (ICER) in methamphetamine-induced locomotor sensitizationh@will be appeared soon in PLoS One (2011.6.6))

Congratulations! Dr.Yuta Ishizuka has been selected as an invited student in Advanced School iISN2011j. There are only trhee awardee from Japan. (2011.5.10)

The collaboration study with Dr Nagao@"Role of Cerebellar Cortical Protein Synthesis in Transfer of Memory Trace of Cerebellum-Dependent Motor Learning." will be soon appeared inJ. Neurosci. (2011.5.5)

Prof. Shirao hase been invited for the Workshop "Emerging Concepts on Neuronal Santa Cruz in Chile (2011.4.24`27

)Prof. Shirao hase delivered a lecture at New York University. (2011.4.22)

Dr. Kojima has published the paper "Differential regional distribution of phosphorylated tau and synapse loss in the nucleus accumbens in tauopathy model mice."in Neurobiol Dis.42:404-414 (2011) (2011.4.18)

Dr. Yuta Ishiduka has participated in our laoboratory since this April. Mr HIdeo Shimizu entered the PhD course, and Mr. Katayam became a MD-PhD course student in our laboratoryi2011.4.5)

Pervious news (Japanese only)

Workshop in Chile. (2011.4.25)
Exporation of Brain and Mind. Open Symposium in Tokyoj(2011.2.11)

The frist annual meeting of International Society of Radiation Neurobiology in Maebashii2011.1.29)

End year party at Ishii Hall(2010.12.22)
large phot is here

ISN alumini at Osteria Pippo's in Tokyo(2010.12.4j
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